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Branding and Marketing

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When you start a business, people won’t be aware of your brand. So how do you make your brand reachable to the audience? How to make it big in the market? An existence of a brand is useless unless people are talking about it. There are many brands in the market some are just known by a few and some are just recognized by the world. You might have seen that some brands don’t need an introduction. Have you ever wondered why these brands become so huge? The answer to all these questions is through ‘Brand Activation – Branding and Marketing’.Brand Activation | Brand Awarenes

So what is brand activation? Brand activation is a process of increasing brand awareness, engagement and making your brand known to the people.

The main aim of a branding campaign is to acquire consumers by developing a relationship with the customers and the brand. Brand recognition is just not applicable to the newbies but to the old ones looking for rebranding and relaunching. There are ways you can activate your brand.

How Do You Activate A Brand?

The sole purpose of brand activation or marketing a brand is to add value to the business by attracting more and more customers, irrespective of the objective. It is all about bringing your brand back to life and results in increased activation. Let’s know some of the types of brand recognition we can do.Brand and Marketing Agency | SuperX Growth Hackers

  1. Experiential marketing: Experiential marketing can be used by new companies or small agencies to bring in their brand in front of people. It is the best way to create an impression of your brand in people’s head by continuous interaction with audience. The method has been around for a while now and is used by many famous companies to showcase or activate their product. This method makes the brand leave imprints on the people’s mind rather than any other methods.
  2. Sampling campaigns: Distributing the free samples of the product to your audience can be another effective way of introducing your brand to the audience and make them talk about it.
  3. In-store brand activation: In-store brand activation is generally exclusive, well planned and is for a few. Unlike the other two, the promotion of the brand is done through brand activation events and brand interaction. It is all about giving your audience an experience that they won’t forget.

Branding and Marketing Company | SuperX Growth HackersBrand Activation Campaigns Metric

Now that you have created the campaign and successfully doing the brand advertising online then what next. How will you monitor how successful the branding and marketing campaign is? And what are the metrics for a successful brand activation campaigns? Here are the metrics that can are used to measure the effectiveness or success of the campaign.

  • Consumer reach: What will be the audience reach of this campaign? It is local, city, nation-wide or Worldwide??
  • Brand relevance: Is this brand activation strategy and campaign relevant to the brand’s message and core values?
  • Long term potential: Does these brand activation campaigns will help you in expanding your brand size?
  • Integration capabilities: Is the campaign goes in hand with the other marketing channels within the company?

Brand Recognition – Returns on Investments (ROI)?

Returns are just not about the money you make in a business. Benefits and cost are two different things. Check whether were you able to deliver what you expected in terms of leads, opportunity and strategy.

  • Uniqueness: What is the unique value of your brand so that you can grab customer’s attention and make them talk about it?
  • Amplification: Are there ways to increase the amplification of the overall campaign? Is there any way you can change the strategy and add value to the campaign?

Branding and Marketing – Conclusion | Brand Awareness, the Growth

Whatever is the method and metrics, it always boils down to the right strategy that suits your business. Brand activation has been in the market for quite some time, it has been shaping the future of many companies since then. It is one of the most effective ways of a successful online marketing campaign to generate awareness and visibility of your brand.

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