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Content Marketing Company - SuperX Growth HackersContent Marketing: It is rightly said, “Content is the king”. Brands have been using content to leverage their businesses and are actively looking for ways to add value to their brand. It is not what you write; it’s how you write it. We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of users and changed ways if how content was consumed earlier. Earlier books, newspapers were the sole source of information which has been replaced by blogs, e-books, and other readable sources on the internet.

“Content marketing is a method of marketing content by creating most unique, relevant and shareable content which can be used to draw the interest of the masses, increase brand awareness, expand the customer base and elevate the sales”.

Content marketing is another way in which brands are using to expand their businesses. When it comes to marketing, planning is of utmost importance. You can create the most unique, shareable content but if your strategy is not up to the mark, you’ll fail for sure. Here brands are the content creator. In the era of tough competition, it is important for brands to create content (or content marketing consultant) which gives their audience the instant connection, engage them and make them talk about it.

Why Content Marketing?Content Marketing - SuperX Growth Hackers

To understand the importance of content marketing, one must know why we have to do it. What is the need of content marketing for business? Businesses these days are upgrading the traditional ways of communicating and content creation agencies are coming up with the best marketing solutions. Customers these days have become less reactive to the conventional ways of content marketing.

Customers these days do a lot of research before buying anything. People compare, learn about features and check feed backs. A well-crafted content helps you in branding and marketing or building the brand face, driving traffic to your website and establishing an inseparable relationship with the customers.

Content Marketing Strategy _ SuperX Growth HackersContent Marketing Strategy

Just realizing the importance of content marketing won’t make you a king. Instead of directly going into the field, learn the basics of content marketing first. For making a great content marketing plan, there are certain steps that should be followed.

  • Planning: This lays the foundation for your content marketing. You must be clear about your objectives and how content can be used to achieve them. Discuss in depth what will be the role of content in promoting the brand, advertising it or driving the sales?
  • Audience: Content is not “one shoe fits all”. So while creating content keep your audience in mind. Divide them into segments, look for their interest and then create relevant content to give better solutions.
  • Content Development: Now when you understand the needs of your audience, choose a tone that is relevant. Create the content that matches their interest and is search engine optimized.
  • Implement: Choose the medium how you will be distributing the content. Will that be through social media channels or will be in form of articles / blogs. How often you’ll be posting / updating it.
  • Monitor Results: Monitor the impact created by the content on your website in terms of traffic, search engine rankings, sharing it, etc. Check how your audience is reacting to it-asking queries, posting comments and sharing it.

Types of Content MarketingContent Marketing Types | SuperX Growth Hackers

In the realm of content marketing, there are types of content marketing in which you can add value to your brand. There are many ways of content marketing in which you can increase the sales, engage your customers and generate the traffic. Some of the popular types of content marketing have been listed below.

  • Blogging: ‘Blog’ is the hero of our content marketing strategy. Blogs are an ideal way to communicate your brand message to your audience. Frequent high-quality search engine optimized posts (SEO content) will change the face of your marketing game.
  • Case Studies: Case studies have its own importance for several reasons. They are straightforward and contain in-depth information. How to write a case study: Write the summary first, explain the problem and the effective solution and then the results.
  • Infographics: When it comes to visual content, Infographics are the best way of doing that. Infographics are mostly used in social media content marketing visual holds the information. Infographics are not only visually appealing but is the most viral (shareable) form of content marketing.
  • EBooks: eBooks can either be 10 pages long or 100 pages. EBooks are resourceful and add value to your business. Though eBooks may not be the quickest way of growing the business, it can surely engage your content loving audience.
  • Video: Video isn’t completely associated with the content marketing. Studies have proved that visuals create more impact on our mind. This could be an effective and engaging way of content marketing as videos can be used for tutorials, product description and product promotion. Videos can be used in both content marketing and social media marketing

Content Marketing Tools | SuperX Growth HackersContent Marketing Tools

As the consumption of content is continuously increasing, companies are making every possible effort to satisfy it giving rise to content marketing tools. With the emergence of technology, there are many tools that are available to content marketers for online content marketing. Some of them are given below.

  • Outbrain: This is a content discovery tool which helps in publishing and promoting your content as suggested similar content on the different websites.
  • HubSpot: It helps in creating personalized landing pages, blog posts, web pages, emails and more. As it has social-media data analytics and message-scheduling capabilities, it helps in publishing your content across social channels.
  • BuzzSumo: Want to know who is influencing the market or who is getting the most traction, then BuzzSumo is the tool. It is a content performance analysis tool which helps in identifying popular and high ranked people in your domain.
  • Copify: If you ever face any difficulty in finding content then Copify is your friend. Copify has copywriters that will give you access to great content anytime, anywhere.
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