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Event Hacks – Boost Awareness Before, During and After an Event

Event Marketing: The Best Practices and Resources to Successfully Promote & Get Leads from an Event

Event Marketing Company | Event Marketing Agency | Event Growth HackersGone are the days when organizing a meeting, conference or any other event was one dimensional. In today’s world, organizing events are used for just more than networking purpose. The event marketing in India is slowly changing its face. An event is an opportunity where people can interact with each other in real life. An event is a chance to expand your network, brand marketing / activation, meet new people and learn about the trends coming in the market.

Before starting any type of event, a company needs to finalize the vendor that will take up the contract. While hosting an event, the vendor or host will make all arrangements that will keep people engaged and occupied. Event management is done these days to establish a connection between the attendees. You can use a rock solid marketing strategy to execute your event plan that incorporates both online and offline ideas. Event marketers or event growth hackers are generally the people who are responsible for making an event marketing strategies, making all the arrangements and finalizing the vendor.

Event hacking is generally used by the vendor who has organized the whole event on the basis of the company who has given them the contract. Some of the creative event marketing ideas that you can try out in the next event are given below.

Event Marketing ServicesPlanning to Market an Event? The Pre-requisites!

  1. A pre-event survey

If you’re a host all you can do is conduct a survey where you can ask a few questions to the attendees about what are they looking forward to at the event?

As a vendor, you can ask attendees about current problems and challenges present in the market and you can address them while speaking. You can also use this for event promotion.

  1. Build an app for personalized experience

If you’re an event marketing agency or an even growth hacker, then you can build a custom app for the event. It is cheaper and easy to create an app for an event. You can built-in features like sessions, conferences, workshops, chat with others, connect with other attendees on LinkedIn. This will help attendees in having a smooth experience.

Event Marketing Services | Event Marketing Solutions | SuperXGH.comGet Attendees Engagement During an Event

  1. Spread the word

During the event, share the details like what social media platforms you’ll be updating information post-event and ask your attendees to share their feedback and experience online. So that they can be in constant touch with you and get updates about the next events about to occur.

  1. Collect email addresses and insights

If you’re a vendor then you will surely do this. Collect their email address and learn about the current challenges they’re facing, so that you can come up with a solution.

  1. Create a real-time poll

This is one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged. A real-time poll for your speaker during the event will not only result in active participation but also keep them awake. The easy and quick way to do that is you can create a link and then circulate it on their Smartphones.

Event Marketing Services | Post Event ActivitiesGive Your Attendees an Experience to Remember – Post Event

  1. A recap video of the event

Create a recap video for your audience so that your audience gets a recap of the events and all the other activities conducted.

  1. Send out a post-event feedback poll

Feedbacks are the most important part of any event. Whether you’re a vendor or event organizer, it is important to ask how they felt about the event either through a poll or email.

  1. Lead follow-up

Gather as many email address as you can and then send them a personalized follow-up email. Everyone won’t respond but some leads surely will.

  1. Gather testimonials

Whether you’re a speaker or organizer or speaker, gathering testimonials should be on your to-do list. Send an email to all the attendees and ask them to send a feedback on what they thought of the event.

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