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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Hacks to Reach Your Business Goals!

Facebook Marketing | SuperX Growth Hackers

Facebook Marketing: From connecting to people to marketing your products, Facebook has come a long way. A decade ago, Facebook was nothing but now it is amongst the largest platform which is used to promote and build your market socially. Over years, Facebook has come up with several new features to ease up over lives. It is used by more than one billion people, so it is the best place to advertise and reach out to the masses.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing where you can promote your services and goods in front of billions of people without putting in many efforts. It is an opportunity for people who want to increase their online presence through internet marketing. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most used one. And perhaps more importantly, do you think there will be anything that can stop it? Probably not.

With such a wide user base, ignoring Facebook for brand marketing or rebranding is not really a good idea. You can bet on it, but the next big question is how? Moreover, you can target your audience location, demographics, and interests which again makes it important for advertising purpose. Now we will see some of the ways in which we can promote our brand using Facebook marketing.

How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing?

Marketing on Facebook is generally done using three tools that are pages, Ads and groups which can be used by anyone for the purpose. Each of them differs from each other in functionality and operations. Here are some ways to use Facebook for marketing.

  1. Create A Facebook Business Page

If you want to use Facebook for marketing, the first and the basic step of all is to create a business page. Facebook pages are somewhat like individual profiles, but for public figures, businesses and organizations. A page cannot be used for listing your products and services but also provides a platform for connecting with your audience, sharing and posting photos and videos.

A business page is the best tool to develop a public image where you can have a casual interaction with your audience. A nice mix of humour, educational posts about your brand will seal the deal for you.

  1. Classic Ads for Facebook Advertising

This is for people who are still sticking to the old methods of advertising. Facebook Ads are like a holy grail for them. There is nothing better and classy as an old Facebook Ad. We have seen a lot of Ads that appear on the side columns of Facebook, they are also called Marketplace Ads. These Ads typically contain a header, an image and description which is either linked to their Facebook business page or their company’s website.

  1. Facebook Marketing Hacks

This is one of the marketing strategies for the increasing the likes and driving the website clicks. Facebook advertising features give the ability to set ad budgets, run multiple Ads simultaneously and target the Ads for people based on age, location, education and interests of the users. When compared to Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads are expected to have high CTR’s. Moreover, you can use Facebook advertising for increasing likes and shares which will be very helpful for the business.

  1. Facebook Promoted Posts

Promoted posts on Facebook reaches a certain number of users resulting in increased reach and impressions. All you have to do is to create an engaging content and boost it. Boosted or promoted posts have high chances of reaching to the crowd. One of the ways of doing that is with the help of Ads Manager.

  1. Sponsored Story for Facebook Marketing

Nothing works better than the word of mouth. Facebook sponsored stories get preferred positioning on the right column of the page. Facebook claims that sponsored stories have more CTR than regular Ads. The aim of sponsored stories is to get more interactions and engagements. Facebook stories are easy to create through Facebook Ad create flow.

Facebook Marketing Agencies

FB Marketing Companies are required by the businesses that want to expand their business over social marketing platforms. Digital marketing firms have been acting as a catalyst of hacking growth for online marketing process. Some digital marketing firms come up with digital marketing solutions that will resolve all the issues. SuperX Growth Hackers is one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore & all over India that provides Facebook marketing hacks & other social media solutions to all your problems.