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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Hacks: Here’s How to Market Your Brand / Business on Instagram

Instagram Marketing | SuperX Growth Hackers

Instagram Marketing: When it comes to marketing your brand online, social media has a major role to play in. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have always proved their usefulness over time. Now it’s time for Instagram to come in.

Instagram is fastest growing social media network. Instagram has crossed 800 million users and it has over 500 million of monthly active users in September 2017. Hence, Instagram provides with various opportunities where you can increase your audience base, increase brand awareness and generate leads.

For better Instagram marketing hacks, you need to increase the number of followers. The larger the audience base is, easily you can reach out to more people. Here are a few easy ways in which you can market your brand.

  1. Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has added an option for their business profiles with contact option which is like Facebook to some extent. Business profile have access to insights and data analytics giving them the exact figures of engagement and leads generated.

The more you understand about advantages that comes with the business profile, the more are the chances that you would like to convert your personal profile into that. Learning about these can make you make suitable changes for getting the better engagement.

  1. Promote Your Instagram Posts Across Platforms – Instagram Marketing Techniques

This is one of the easiest method to gain more followers. For the followers who are already connected to you via some other platforms, you can post a message across all other social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., where you can urge them to connect with your Instagram account.

Since people who follows you on other platforms are interested in your brand, so give your followers another medium to connect with them. A follower who is inactive on one platform might be active on another and you don’t want to loose any of the follower.

  1. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience – Instagram Marketing Secrets

It is good to post regularly but posting too much about the products or style will make you constantly in the news feed of the user and this will annoy them which will further result in unfollowing your account.

There is no fixed process to get more engagement for brand. You need to use hit and trial method to check how your audience is responding to the messages. As a beginner you must post more than one time but not too much. Once you get to know that what is working for you, you can use the same track for the rest of posts.

  1. Interact with Followers to Spark the Growth – Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

If a follower is taking efforts to leave a comment in the comment section, remember to reply to their efforts and thank them. This simple habit of yours to treat your customers as kings will help you in developing a good relationship with your customers.

Put some engaging posts where your customers can interact. “Tag your friends” works well for everyone since they introduce their friends to your page resulting in more followers.

  1. Create an Interactive Hashtag – Instagram Marketing Strategy

We have seen the popularity of hashtags among the users. What works more than a creative hashtags (#)? Just make sure you use it the right way. An interactive hashtag is an effective way for more communication and engagement. You can create a hashtag for your business and ask you followers to use their hashtag whenever they buy something from your brand.

  1. Influencers – Instagram Marketing Service

Irrespective of the platform, Influencers are still an effective way in which you can market your brand. Since, influencers have a wide base of followers, they can market your brand in the best possible way. You can reach out to an influencer who will be relevant for your business. Influencers will post their pictures with your products and ask their followers to buy the products.

Instagram is a wide platform where you can showcase your products in front of millions, get engagement and generate leads. Instagram also provides us to choose from a variety of Ads as per our business objective. Instagram is ever growing platform which can help you in thousand ways.

So, what are you waiting for!! Create a business profile and get started with Instagram for more online business.

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