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LinkedIn Marketing

Here’re the LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing | SuperX Growth Hackers

LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media network which forays you into a world of opportunities, a world where you can connect, establish your own network and use it for business purposes. Whatsoever is your objective, LinkedIn can instantly connect you with more than 500 million professionals across the globe.

The question then arises is how you can do LinkedIn Marketing? So, here is the step by step guide how you can use LinkedIn for connecting, engaging and growing your business.

  1. Begin It with Your LinkedIn Profile

You might be thinking that why do you have to do that but honestly business on LinkedIn is done with people. Peoples develop the first impression of each other while looking at their Profile and you don’t want them to develop a negative impression of yours.

Your LinkedIn profile and the profile of your employees represent your company. So, try to complete your profile close to 100% and optimize it using adding new skills, achievements and by adding other accomplishments.

  1. Create Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Your company page represents your business profile on LinkedIn. So, whosoever visits the page should get an idea of what you do.

  1. Target Your Audience and Goals

Set your goals straight. Before the beginning of any campaign, you must know what exactly you want or determine is the set of audience you want to target.

Define what is your objective is? Whether you want to create brand awareness or generate leads. Once you are clear about what you want to achieve it will be easy for you to achieve.

  1. Optimize Your Company Page

An audience is something that every successful marketing business page must have. These next two tips will help you build your audience on LinkedIn.

Want to come up in the search whenever a user searches with a keyword that is related to you. A well-optimized SEO friendly company page can help you achieve that. Here are three ways you can optimize your company page for search:

  • Insert keywords: Incorporate as many keywords as you can in the company profile page, giving an idea of what you do and what services you offer. Try to think from an audience’s perspective and use the keywords based on that.
  • Link to your Company Page: Another way of improving your ranking is by creating links to your company page. You can do so in by sharing blogs and other readable content and provide a link that will redirect the user to your company’s page.
  • Share relevant content: Share readable content that is another best way to boost your rankings. Publish updates, share articles/ blogs and engage your followers to rank up in the search results.
  1. Add Company Page Followers

When someone follows you on LinkedIn, so whatever updates you do that will appear in their news feed as well. The more followers you have, the higher will be the reach of it. Moreover, you can share with communities outside the community and invite them to become followers. Promote it using blogs, articles and newsletters and urging readers to convert into followers.

  1. Publish Engaging Content

Your followers follow everything you share or write. So, make sure whatever piece of content you share it should be interesting, insightful and engaging to your followers. Remember LinkedIn can’t be directly used content related to selling, you may end up in losing a few followers.

You can rethink of sponsoring your best content with “sponsored content on LinkedIn”. It is one of the most effective methods of sharing it with the professionals you want. Moreover, you can test variations of your messaging with the help of “direct sponsored content”. Targeting options on Twitter can be used to reach the right audience.

  1. Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Other than Sponsored content method, these are two more ways how you can advertise and drive your marketing goals with self-service Ads and managed campaigns.

The below are the advertising options available on LinkedIn:

  • Targeting
  • Bidding
  • Measurement & Optimization

Regardless of the available options make sure your goal is clear that whether it is to increase awareness or generate leads or building connections via LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Get Advanced with Data Analytics

You can create and circulate the content in your closed circle. But LinkedIn offers us ways in which you can narrow down to the interests, preferences and behaviours on LinkedIn.

  • Page analytics: for optimizing and monitoring the performance of your free campaign.
  • Campaign manager analytics: improve the performance of your paid campaign along with conversion tracking.

Looking every day at the analytics will lead to improved numbers and better results.

These are some of the ways in which you can market and accomplish big goals on LinkedIn. To get more tips & tricks on how to market your business on LinkedIn, you can connect us at SuperX Growth Hackers – A Top Growth Hacking / Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, India.