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App Marketing & Growth Hacking – Reach Billions of App Users

Mobile App Marketing – The Best Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

Mobile App MarketingMobile App Marketing: The evolution of mobile phones has marked a significant reform in the field of technology. The smartphones have slowly taken over the world making it hard for us to imagine our life without them. The smartphone is a vital source of information, entertainment and knowledge. Companies have realized the importance of it and have started going the app way.

Applications give a more personalized experience for the audience. The smart phone industry is booming these days. Mobile apps are programs that are compatible with your mobile phone. Some apps are already present in the mobile phones and others you have to download it through mobile app stores. The purpose of these apps is from utility to entertainment and gaming to navigation and all other spheres which can’t be even imagined.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

What Is Mobile App Marketing? | App Marketing Agency | SuperX Growth HackersMobile marketing is an effective way of marketing your app to your customers. Mobile App marketing can be quite a broad term referring to any kind of marketing methods to market your app. Mobile marketing is generally done for mobile app promotion, engagement and maintaining the number of users. The process is done by various mobile marketing agencies to introduce your brand to your customers. There are generally two ways of marketing:

App Store Optimization (ASO): Optimizing your app to appear at the top when anyone searches with the keywords.

Social Media Platforms: marketing of the app is done through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Mobile App Marketing Strategy | App Growth HackingThere are millions of smartphones users that have easy access to the apps, so it is important for a business to develop rock solid marketing and distribution strategies. Earlier companies used to develop apps and used to market them through digital channels but now the time has changed and so are the channels. Here are some of the effective marketing strategies how to market an app successfully.

  1. Regular Releases and Bugs Fixes

To be in regular touch with your audience, you must upgrade your app, improvise it and fix bugs (if present) in your app. This will help you in developing a loyal user base for your app. The best marketing way is of marketing is via Word of mouth. So never ever leave a chance, if you have to tell about it to your customers.

  1. Find your niche

Before even building the idea of the app, firstly find the domain you want to build your app in. The whole idea of app relies on the domain you choose. There are basically two keys to build a popular app:

  • One is target a fixed domain
  • Introduce something that no one else has
  1. Offerings

What do you have in extra what others don’t have? Why should people download your app when there are other players in the market? The answer to all these question is the uniqueness. Offer a feature that anybody else in the market doesn’t offer. Come up with something more than what your competitors are offering and you will develop a user base for sure.

  1. Optimize for the App Store

Optimizing is not only for the website but for the app as well. You don’t want to come in the last pages of the result. Customers generally download the top app based on the keywords. So make sure you optimize it using the right keywords, titles and descriptions. So if anyone searches for the resulted keyword, your app comes at the top results.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing. Social media is one of the most powerful platforms where you can market anything. Create a little buzz and then tell your audience that you’re coming up with a mobile application. describe the functionality and explain how they can use the app in their daily lives. Moreover, you can put up the link from where they can download the application.

Best App Marketing Agency or Mobile App Growth Hackers?

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