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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Hacks: Here’s How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business or Promote a Brand

Pinterest Marketing: Do you still think that only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can get you maximum business? Then you might be wrong.

It is said that a people share Pinterest pins more than tweets.

Those who are not aware of Pinterest, it’s time for them to learn a new platform where they can market the content or their products.

Whether you’re marketing on Pinterest as an individual or as a brand, these expert articles will show you how to build a following, optimize your pins and boards, measure the return on your activities and promote your pins with paid advertising.

Whether you’re a marketer or individual or a brand, Pinterest can be used by everyone. Let’s see some of the ways in which you can market on Pinterest.

  1. Add Save Buttons to Your Site – Pinterest Marketing Guide

If you want engagement, then add save buttons to your site. Saving a pin allows them to save that pin with just one click or tap. You can further use an automatic button only clickable when someone hovers over the image. You can also limit this option to a specific image on your site. With Pinterest Widget Builder, you can create your own Pinterest Save buttons.

  1. Pin Consistently – Pinterest Marketing Strategy

To keep yourself active on the platform Pinterest recommends you to pin something at least in a day. If you have more pictures to post, then divide them into a group and post. Don’t post everything in one day, here consistency is the key.

  1. Focus On Great Visuals – Pinterest Marketing Ideas

Pinterest is more of a highly visual platform. So whatever image you upload, it should be high-quality, clear, should fit in well and should be of right colours. It has proven that Great visuals create an impact on users’ mind than any other mediums. Pinterest provides you a unique opportunity to interact and visually showcases your brand in front of a wide user base.

80% of the users access Pinterest through mobile phones, so mobile optimized pictures will give a save to your pins. You can also create multiple pins with different images for a webpage.

  1. Add a Proper Description – Pinterest Marketing to Get Visibility on Search Results

Just uploading an image won’t give you an instant save for that image. Images without a description are meaningless. Only uploading image won’t give you any traffic or engagement. Every image must be followed by an evocative description. You can also add the link that will direct users to your website. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords to your picture that will help the picture to appear in the top searches.

If you have created multiple pins with different images, then make sure to create a description that is different from one another.

  1. Get Social – Pinterest Marketing Services

Don’t misunderstand the platform, it is a social networking platform not a billboard. For engaging users to your pins follow different boards of non-competitors. You can also ask employees, friends or an influencer by asking to put up pins in the groups boards.

  1. Use Analytics to Improve Results – Pinterest Marketing Tips

As an advertiser, it is important to know how their ads are doing among the audience and how are they reacting to it. Pinterest analytics gives you all the data about what type of pins are working for you, most popular pins on Pinterest and which has got the most traffic.

You can simply access the analytics by clicking on analytics tab on the top left of your screen. Furthermore, you can use data analytics to align your post with your business strategy.

  1. Try Pinterest Ads – Pinterest Marketing & Advertising

Get your pins in front of more people then take help of Promoted Pins. Pinterest pins are nothing but Pinterest Ads. Promoted pins are generally seen by more people resulting in more business. The stats have shown that marketers who uses Promoted Pins get 20% more clicks in a month.

The promoted pin can be identified when you can see promoted mentioned below the pin. When the audience clicks on the more (…) icon then a description will come up saying who paid for the Ad.

Pinterest can be used by all irrespective of the objective. If you own a business and are still not active on the platforms, then you can take help of a digital marketing firm. SuperX Growth Hackers is one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore & all over India that can help you in leveraging your business on Pinterest.