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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Hacks: Here’re the Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter Marketing | SuperX Growth Hackers

Twitter Marketing: In our digital space, Twitter holds a really important place. Twitter over time has evolved as a platform where you can connect to millions of users simultaneously.

We all have seen how Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest has taken over the market in past few years. Now let’s talk about another in-demand and crucial for digital marketing i.e. Twitter. Twitter is used by 313 million people around the world which means Twitter can be used to connect the people, trending topics and leveraging the business over the internet.

We all are aware of Twitter and might be having our profiles too! In this era of Smartphones, we spend most of our time in searching the latest news over the internet. This is where Twitter comes in.

We all have heard of Ads on Twitter or how to promote your tweets on Twitter. While browsing through the news feed we have seen a promoted tag below the tweet. That’s a promoted tweet which is a method of promotion on Twitter. Let’s talk more about how you can leverage your brand on Twitter.

Why Should You Be On Twitter?

Every business might have the same goal (i.e. get lead generation and engagement which drives sales) but each social media platform differs from each other in their functionality. So, a strategy that works best for Pinterest won’t work the same for Facebook.

Before getting to the point whether to use Twitter or not for marketing your business? Here are some of the main reasons why should you consider Twitter for business:

  • Distributing and sharing content
  • Engagement for promotional activities
  • Networking and interaction with audience
  • Branding and Reputation management

As twitter is all about communication and interaction. The blog further will tell you a lot about things that will help your business to grow in long term.

Let’s Get Started with It – Twitter Marketing Strategy

  1. Optimization is definitely a YAY when it comes to managing your business over social media. Optimize your Twitter bio giving clear information about what your company is all about and what you do that is easy for them to understand. Don’t forget to include links in the bio of your company. Even the CEO of Nimble, a provider of social CRM, Jon Ferrera says, “Make sure your company identity and voice are branded well”.
  2. Influencers are always a great way to connect with your target audience irrespective of the platform. Influencer marketing is considered to be a great form of marketing. Find out the top influencer relevant to your domain and contact them. Twitter gives you search options and tools like Topsy (or Followerwonk) will help you in finding people sharing the same interests.

You can start by making a list of influential people, significant leaders, powerful bloggers and potential associates. Find them and interact with them on regular basis for better results.

  1. For a successful Twitter marketing, it is important that your co-workers follow you on twitter and tweets and retweets regularly. Even Amanda Cohen, marketing coordinator, Homescout Realty says that “If you want your brand to grow then get your colleagues involved”.
  2. Tweet on regular basis. This will show active and consistent you are. Sandra Fathi, founder & president, Affect, a public relations and social media agency says that if you don’t tweet regularly people will soon forget you. Tweeting on regular basis will keep people updated so that you are always on top of peoples’ eyes”.
  3. Hashtags are a twitter thing and to stay up on Twitter you need to follow the latest trending topics and hashtags. Using that hashtag in your post and when people search that hashtags then your tweet will come up with the particular hashtags. Including one or two relevant hashtags will help you in connecting to new users.
  4. Promoted Tweets are another great way of targeting the audience. Promoted tweets are different from the regular ones as they come with the label ‘promoted’. The promoted tweet is considered to be more credible and trustworthy as other tweets by the audience.
  5. If you’re using the different marketing strategies at a time, then make sure you’re all syncing them all together. For instance, if you’re running a contest on twitter then let you email subscribers know about it. In this way, they will be aware of what are you upto on the platform hence increasing the followers.
  6. Using Twitter Analytics should be a part of your everyday activity. In the dashboard, you will be able to know what your best tweets were. And what type of content has worked well for you? With the help of Twitter analytics, you can recreate the same type of tweet that gave you engagement and think about posts that didn’t give you anything.

This was all that you need to know about marketing on Twitter. Twitter marketing is one of the easy and efficient ways to generate leads or get more followers. Everything you do on Twitter is directly inclined with your business objective, so whatever options you select make sure that they all are aligned in one row. Get on Twitter and start marketing on Twitter for your business.

How Do You Advertise on Twitter? – Twitter Marketing Services

If you are still not sure how to proceed with that then you can take the help of digital marketing agencies that provide you complete solutions that will help you in growing your business online.

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Stay tuned to keep yourself updated with the latest digital marketing trends!!