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    It's Official

    "FillipTech Solutions Private Limited" was incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 on October 20,2015.

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    The Prequel

    SuperX Team was started under FillipTech Solutions and was offering IT services to clients in India, USA, and Australia. It grew to 25+ members working on over 50+ projects in Coimbatore and Bangalore in the span of 2 years.

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    The Inception

    SuperX Growth Hackers, India's first company to offer Growth Hacking as a Service, was officially started with 4 membered team in Bangalore.

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    Our First Client

    We received our first cheque in July 2017, and there was no turning back.

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    We had a target to hit revenue of 1 million in the financial year. And guess what.? We just took 6 months to reach there.!

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    SuperX Growth

    We added 40+ startups in our portfolio.
    We started bagging bigger companies with a billion-dollar valuation.
    We added 10+ members in the team.

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    The New Target

    We set a target to reach 10 million revenue by the end of December 2018.

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    Presence Extended

    We extended our office presence at Coimbatore and Mumbai.

  9. superx-about-us

    New Office

    We set up a cozy and comfy office at Bangalore’s hub (HSR Layout)

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    Guess what.?

    Yeah! We did achieve the target by the end of the year.

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    SuperX Growth

    We were selected as best “Growth Hacking and Marketing” content providers in the world by Feedspot
    We added 100+ brands in our portfolio.
    We added 25+ members in the team.

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    We target to achieve 25 million revenue by the end of December 2019.

  13. superx-about-us

    New SuperX

    New outlook of SuperX with new brand elements and the website is launched.

  14. superx-about-us

    Other Plans Ahead

    Offer Growth Hacking training to upcoming digital marketers.
    Create Growth Hacking community in Bangalore sharing knowledge from industry experts.

SuperX Team

A team of super heroes who is specialized to upbring your business
A team of Growth Hackers! SuperX Growth Hackers.!

SuperX Culture

We work hard. We drink all-night. We crunch numbers. We do superhero landings. We chase targets. We party crazy.

SuperX Clients