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SuperX Growth Hackers is a team lead by passionate entrepreneurs and growth hackers who live and love hacking growth for startups.

From our experience in working with startups, we saw many startups overlooking the budget for marketing and spend a good amount of money in bad marketing. Our goal is to disrupt the way startup do marketing and promotions to reach out to their customers. We are on the mission to achieve 10x growth at 3x cost efficient.

We work closely with startups and corporate teams to co-develop their brand marketing and growth strategies. We run experiments along the lean marketing funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue) to identify company-specific growth drivers that can then be scaled further to achieve long-term growth.

SuperX Founders

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SuperX Growth Hackers will help your startup to achieve 10x growth at 3x cost efficiency

With immense competition in the market, these days startups presume that by spending a huge amount on marketing strategies without properly analyzing the outcomes is futile.

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