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Can Winning A/B Tests Be Predicted With Past Results?
by GoodUI Blog January 16, 2019 Question

For any professional to actually deserve such a designation, their promised outcomes should at the very least perform a tiny

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Episode 184: Using Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization Tool to Increase Social Proof (Part 2)
by DigitalMarketer January 15, 2019 Perpetual Traffic, Podcast

Ralph and Molly dive deeper into Facebook’s campaign budget optimization tool to explore how it can increase the social proof

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Website Planning in 4 Steps and 20 Minutes
by Quick Sprout January 15, 2019 General

  Everything you should know about website planning Save yourself a lot of time and headache: before you dive into

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How To Make Affiliates The Most Valuable Weapon In Your Marketing Arsenal With Arlen Robinson From Omnistar Interactive [AMP 118]
by CoSchedule Blog January 15, 2019 Actionable Marketing Podcast

We’ve talked about influencer marketing and referral marketing. Now, it’s time to talk about affiliate marketing. With all these types

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How To Target The Right Influencers For Your Brand
by Jeffbullas's Blog January 15, 2019 Influencer Marketing

YouTuber Lilly Singh -also known as IISuperwomanII – is famous for her comedic videos that have garnered 2.7 billion views

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The Three Elements of an Effective Total Online Presence
by Duct Tape Marketing January 15, 2019 Content, Podcast, SEO, Small Business Marketing, Strategy, Total Online Presence, Website

The Three Elements of an Effective Total Online Presence written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019
by The Kissmetrics January 15, 2019 Online marketing

Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019. And sadly, you aren’t going to like a lot of the

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How to Create Effective Follow Up Campaigns
by Duct Tape Marketing January 15, 2019 Lead Conversion, marketing automation, Marketing Tools

How to Create Effective Follow Up Campaigns written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Follow up campaigns can

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What are Social Mentions and How to Track Them
by Hootsuite January 15, 2019 Uncategorized

If your brand has any sort of presence online, you need to know how track social mentions. Insights from social

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Best B2B Content: Analysis and Insights from Over 50,000 Articles
by BuzzSumo January 15, 2019 Uncategorized

With 2019 upon us, many of us are making plans for marketing in the new year. That process often begins

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How to Get More From Your Livestream After the Broadcast
by Content Marketing Institute January 15, 2019 Uncategorized

Don’t let the end of your livestream be the end of its value. You can easily repurpose the video in

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How to Stop Losing out on the Email Marketing Budget
by Email Monks January 15, 2019 Email Delivery

Email marketing when well-executed can bring in a huge revenue for your business. Whether you want to build brand reputation,

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LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Platform Should You Use?
by Instapage January 15, 2019 Advertising, Facebook advertising

Many digital marketers find themselves wondering which is better for their business: LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads. You might assume

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Ideation done right – Best techniques to ace your ideation sessions
by We Pull The Trigger January 15, 2019 design thinking, Experiment Design, growth, growth marketing, ideation, marketing strategy

Coming up with a lot of ideas might seem like the easiest thing on earth…but what do you do when

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7 Advanced Metrics That Show Up Your Content’s Worth
by SuperX Growth Hackers January 15, 2019 content analysis, Content Strategy

This article was written as part of the SEMRush Big Blogging Contest CMO with nitty gritty knowledge of information on

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