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6 Best Practices for better App Engagement & Retention
by Growth Bug - App World November 19, 2016 growth, mobile, retention

Note: This was originally published in a useful App Developer Guide created by Vmax. Must download for all App Developers

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40+1 WordPress plugins for true Growth Hackers
by Growth Rocks November 17, 2016 Tools, Uncategorized

Install these WordPress plugins and boost your website's lead generation and user retention metrics today. We have selected the best

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We Analyzed 203,900 Data Points to Answer the Question: Do Keywords Matter?
by Neil Patel November 17, 2016 SEO, Uncategorized

Every SEO knows what it’s like to do “keyword research.” The process goes something like this: Make a list of

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6 reasons why your E-Commerce site will Fail!
by Growth Rocks November 11, 2016 SEO, Uncategorized

Why just buying a kick-ass template will not do the trick for you? This is an article dedicated to the

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How Google Hummingbird Really Works: What We Learned by Analyzing 9.93 Million Words of Content
by Neil Patel November 10, 2016 SEO, Uncategorized

Search algorithms are super complicated. Our task as SEOs is to figure them out. It’s not easy, especially since Google

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words: 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Visually Appealing
by Neil Patel November 08, 2016 Uncategorized

Do you include high quality images in some or all of your social media updates? How about your blog posts?

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A/B Testing Made Simple: 4 Optimization Blunders to Avoid
by Neil Patel November 06, 2016 Online marketing, Uncategorized

Congratulations! If you’re considering working on conversion optimization for your website, then I’ll assume that you’ve built healthy traffic to

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20 Conversion Rate Optimization tips: CRO Unicorn Guide!
by Growth Rocks November 03, 2016 Uncategorized

“What are some ways to optimize and increase the rate of conversion?” “what are the best ways for conversion rate

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28 Unique Ways Of Promoting A Referral Program On Web & Mobile
by App Virality November 03, 2016 mobile, promotion, web

Ever thought why your referral marketing program isn’t attracting as much steam as Dropbox or Airbnb’s cult campaigns? The answer

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Growth Interview Questions from Atlassian, SurveyMonkey, Gusto and Hubspot (Guest Post)
by Andrew Chen October 31, 2016 Uncategorized

[Andrew: Excited about today’s guest post! I was recently interviewed by the folks at Reforge, a new company started by

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The Ultimate List Of Referral Marketing Metrics For B2C Mobile Marketers
by App Virality October 27, 2016 App Marketing, In-app Referrals, marketing metrics, metrics, ultimate guide of referral metrics

The biggest learning for a B2C Marketer is their ability to identify and measure the right metrics for a campaign.

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When To Shutdown A Referral Program- Lessons In Growth Marketing
by App Virality October 20, 2016 App Marketing, In-app Referrals, referral shut down, referrals

  Referral marketing and growth go hand in hand, and over the years we’ve seen everyone from SaaS businesses to,

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Play Store Trends for India: Chinese Invasion, Downloads doubled, & Indian Apps are still not…
by Growth Bug - App World October 11, 2016 android, apps, growth, india, mobile

Play Store Trends for India: Chinese Invasion, Downloads doubled, & Indian Apps are still not worthy of IAP RevenuesIndia has seen

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How To Optimize Mobile Referrals – It’s More Than Adjusting Incentives!
by App Virality October 06, 2016 App Marketing, In-app Referrals, mobile, optimization, referral

In my opinion, Referral Marketing mimics a Bob Marley song. Just like his work, this Marketing tactic has been enjoyed

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Get funded on Shark Tank: 30+1 Do’s & Dont’s
by Growth Rocks October 05, 2016 Uncategorized

“It is time for you to learn how to lure those Sharks out” So while you were away this summer

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