13 Interactive Ad Examples That Show Marketers How to Maximize Engagement with Prospects
by Instapage March 15, 2019 Advertising, Facebook advertising, Google Ads

People have become so overloaded with ads that they develop mechanisms (like banner blindness) to ignore them. To avoid this

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Comparing Twitter Ads vs. Facebook Ads: The Complete Breakdown
by Instapage March 06, 2019 Advertising, Facebook advertising

Many marketers have experimented with Facebook vs Google ads at one point or another — naturally, since the two are

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Everything You Should Know About Product Listing Ads to Maximize Revenue This Year
by Instapage February 26, 2019 Advertising, Google Ads

An online merchant’s success hinges on their ability to attract new customers to their digital storefront. To do that, one

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Does Vertical Video Make a Difference? We Spent $6,000 on Tests to Find Out
by Buffer App February 19, 2019 Advertising, Analytics, Case Studies, Facebook, instagram, instagram stories, Social Media Marketing

There has been much discussion recently on industry-leading publications about the effectiveness of video on social media. For example, did

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Tumblr Ads 101: Ad Types, Specs, Examples & Best Practices for High-Performing Campaigns
by Instapage February 12, 2019 Advertising

Some might describe Tumblr as an out of the ordinary, immature social platform. Others might say it’s highly creative, visual,

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The Complete Guide to App Install Ads for Every Major Platform
by Instapage February 01, 2019 Advertising

The seismic growth in mobile usage — specifically app usage — has created an extremely competitive marketplace. The number of

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LinkedIn Video Ads: Best Practices, Examples & Ad Specs [Free Guide]
by Instapage January 25, 2019 Advertising

LinkedIn has come a long way since its 2003 launch as a simple professional networking site. Now it’s the go-to

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Snapchat Ads: The Comprehensive Guide with Ad Specs, Targeting, Examples & More
by Instapage January 17, 2019 Advertising

Snapchat has been a game changer for social engagement since its inception. However, when it launched, other social advertising platforms

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Google Ads Changes Affecting Small Businesses
by Duct Tape Marketing November 07, 2018 Advertising, Google Ads, Google Lead Ads, Google Local Ads, Google Local Services, Podcast, Responsive Search Ads, Small Business Marketing, Strategy

Google Ads Changes Affecting Small Businesses written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

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Your Guide to Post-Roll Ads: What Are They, Ad Specs & Best Practices
by Instapage November 01, 2018 Advertising, Google Ads

Post-roll ads are a video ad type that often goes overlooked when compared to their overlay, pre-, and mid-roll cousins.

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