Snapchat Ads: The Comprehensive Guide with Ad Specs, Targeting, Examples & More
by Instapage January 17, 2019 Advertising

Snapchat has been a game changer for social engagement since its inception. However, when it launched, other social advertising platforms

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LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Platform Should You Use?
by Instapage January 15, 2019 Advertising, Facebook advertising

Many digital marketers find themselves wondering which is better for their business: LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads. You might assume

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Your Pinterest Promoted Pins Guide: Best Practices, Examples, Specs & More
by Instapage January 11, 2019 Advertising

Suppose you were able to combine the best of both search and social media advertising. Or, could show your ads

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How Personalization Keeps Getting Better with Changes in Advertising
by Instapage November 26, 2018 Advertising

It’s hard to imagine that, only a decade ago, digital marketing was still in its infancy. Social media was new.

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AMP Design Functionality: What Else is Possible with the Framework?
by Instapage November 20, 2018 Advertising, lead generation

Though it’s reached impressive levels of design complexity, still, some view AMP as a limited framework. In their defense, AMP

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The Evolution of Advertising From the Beginning & How Personalization Improved Over Time
by Instapage November 19, 2018 Advertising, marketing personalization

The evolution of advertising has experienced some major milestones over the years, as it’s had to adapt and change to

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The Digital Marketer’s Complete Guide to Google Seller Ratings
by Instapage November 13, 2018 Advertising, Google Ads

Even after creating compelling ad copy, deciding on a bidding strategy, and connecting your ad to an optimized landing page,

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Your Guide to Post-Roll Ads: What Are They, Ad Specs & Best Practices
by Instapage November 01, 2018 Advertising, Google Ads

Post-roll ads are a video ad type that often goes overlooked when compared to their overlay, pre-, and mid-roll cousins.

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5 Common Use Cases When It Makes Sense to Use AMP
by Instapage October 31, 2018 Advertising, lead generation

Since the AMP framework became available in 2015, many publishers and digital advertisers have opinions whether or not it’s worth

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How eLearning Businesses Can Drive Targeted Traffic Using Niche-Specific PPC Networks
by Jeffbullas's Blog October 24, 2018 Advertising

Orbis Research estimates that the Global eLearning industry will reach $275 billion by 2022… That’s an annual growth rate of

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