What 777,367,063 Facebook Posts Tell Us About Successful Content in 2019 (New Research)
by Buffer App January 10, 2019 Facebook, Facebook Tips, research, Social Media Marketing

Facebook marketing in 2019 isn’t dead. On the contrary, it’s far from it. Now removed from the dim outlook that businesses

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Facebook Page publishing authorization: changes you need to know
by Sprout Social December 07, 2018 Facebook, Publishing

Businesses just can’t seem to catch a break from Facebook, can they? Kicking off 2018 with a reach-rocking algorithm shift,

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11 copywriting tips for Facebook ads and chatbots
by Sprout Social December 06, 2018 Engagement, Facebook

Marketing and advertising have changed over the past decade or so. Television ads are muted; internet users can block advertising.

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Life After the News Feed: Why Facebook is Shifting to Stories (And Why Your Business Should Too)
by Buffer App November 27, 2018 Facebook, News and Trends, Social Media Marketing

As Facebook begins to embrace Stories, it's time for your business to shift strategy and think about what social media

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‘Tis the season: Retailers can expect 32% more social messages this holiday season
by Sprout Social November 19, 2018 Enterprise, Facebook, instagram, Social Strategy, Twitter

Not only is shopping more digital than ever–it’s also more social. Mobile-first shopping grew by 20% from 2016 to 2017

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How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business
by Buffer App October 25, 2018 Facebook, Facebook Tips, Guides & Courses, Social Media Marketing

If you want your business to have a presence on social media, Facebook is probably one of the first or the first

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Facebook Stories Hits 300 Million Users and Rolls Out Ads Globally
by Buffer App September 26, 2018 Facebook, News and Trends

With more than 300 million people using Stories across Facebook and Messenger, Facebook has announced that it's rolling out Facebook

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How to roll out a hybrid paid & organic social media strategy
by Sprout Social September 20, 2018 Engagement, Facebook, instagram

Racking your brain trying to choose between an organic or paid social media strategy? Here’s a much simpler question to

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Elevate Connection With Enhanced Paid Tools for Facebook and Instagram
by Sprout Social September 12, 2018 ad comments, connection, Facebook, instagram, moderation, paid, paid performance, Product Updates, reporting

Social media advertising continues to explode in all directions. Social budgets are growing by over 32% in 2018, social ad

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Episode 6: Dennis Yu, CTO @ BlitzMetrics on How To Create Facebook Ads That Drive Real Results
by DigitalMarketer September 05, 2018 Ads, dennis yu, digitalmarketer, Facebook, Podcast

Jenna and Garrett sit down with Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics, to discuss the anatomy of Facebook’s ad platform and

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