Does Vertical Video Make a Difference? We Spent $6,000 on Tests to Find Out
by Buffer App February 19, 2019 Case Studies, Facebook, instagram, instagram stories, News and Trends, research, Social Media Marketing

There has been much discussion recently on industry-leading publications about the effectiveness of video on social media. For example, did

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5 Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Resource Decisions in 2019
by Convince and Convert Blog January 30, 2019 research

Resource decisions are some of the most important and difficult decisions that a marketing leader must make. Do I have

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How to Leverage Your Internal Influencers: Key Findings from Onalytica’s Latest Research
by Convince and Convert Blog January 27, 2019 research

The modern buyer journey is changing and becoming increasingly more social. At the same time, a buyer’s trust in brand

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The State of Social 2019 Report: New Data and Social Media Marketing Research
by Buffer App January 22, 2019 research, Social Media Marketing

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We Analyzed 15,000 Instagram Stories from 200 of the World’s Top Brands (New Stories Research)
by Buffer App November 08, 2018 instagram stories, research, Social Media Marketing, Tips / How To

An incredible 400 million people around the world use Instagram Stories on a daily basis (with that number rapidly growing

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8 Key Statistics from Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” Report
by Convince and Convert Blog September 21, 2018 research

As technology makes it easier to connect and engage with brands, do customer expectations change? And how do these changes

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Your Ultimate Guide to SXSW Panel Picker 2019
by Convince and Convert Blog August 28, 2018 research

Even if you haven’t attended SXSW before, you’re probably familiar with the cultural impact of the sprawling annual conference/festival/showcase in

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We Analyzed 43 Million Facebook Posts From the Top 20,000 Brands (New Research)
by Buffer App August 07, 2018 News and Trends, research, Social Media Marketing

What a year for Business Pages on Facebook! It sure feels like every time we as marketers and business owners think

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2018 Social Media Trends Report: 10 Key Insights Into the Present and Future of Social Media
by Buffer App January 25, 2018 research, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Tips

Social media is changing at a rapid pace. For example, the content format Stories was introduced on several major social

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The State of Social 2018 Report: Your Guide to Latest Social Media Marketing Research [New Data]
by Buffer App January 16, 2018 research

What’s in store for the social media industry in 2018? The way consumers use social media channels is constantly evolving

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