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Close to two billion people use Facebook every month. Facebook Ads can be run on any budget as the Facebook App aids in finding people, getting their attention and hence, obtaining the best results out of it. Facebook shows advertisements and promotions to more people in more places.  Around 51% of the customers are more susceptible to purchase a product after adoring it on Facebook. A brand or a product is more likely to be recommended to friends and families by almost 56% of the consumers after liking it on Facebook. These figures and statistics accentuate the necessity and prominence of Facebook marketing strategies for an organization.

Marketing on Facebook is generally done using three tools that are pages, Ads, and groups which can be used by anyone for the purpose. Each of them differs from each other in functionality and operations. A public profile of an organization that helps in keeping guard the existing clients and prospective clients up-to-date on the services and products offered is known as “Facebook page”. Marketing via Facebook is indeed a massive opportunity to influence an eclectic range of audience through viral marketing campaigns.

Selected methods to use for Facebook marketing services are:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Classic Ads for Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Marketing Hacks
  • Facebook Promoted Posts
  • Sponsored Story for Facebook Marketing

Our Superheroes, comprising the Facebook marketing team, at SuperX Growth Hackers builds you the most engaging Facebook marketing campaigns. Unlike the other Facebook marketing agencies begin with a solid campaign strategy, providing page management, promotion, and monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimization in our marketing services. Our expert crusaders until the end of time strive to design a custom Facebook campaign to each and every client of ours that direct a continuous stream of visitors to the Facebook Page which in turn are streamed as traffic to the website.