Improve Your YouTube Marketing with These 6 Tips & Tricks

Improve Your YouTube Marketing with These 6 Tips & TricksWe often go on YouTube with the intention of watching a quick music video and then 5 hours later we find ourselves watching a tutorial on ‘how to train your own dragon’. That is how addicting and influencing YouTube channels are. It is true that one does not get bored while on YouTube and it is this fact that the companies should take hold of when it comes to marketing. Many brands have already turned and the rest are turning to the YouTube as a way to advertise products and bring in leads.

Lots of efforts to craft awe-inspiring and viral content are expended by successful YouTube marketers. Though a great content is a vital component of YouTube marketing in itself, it is necessary to follow other important steps to bring YouTube channels into prominence. Let us now look at the 6 most powerful strategies that are guaranteed to improve the visibility of a channel for the long term.

  1. Tactical Keyword Exploration:

Tactical Keyword Exploration

It is important to fine-tune messages to stage prospective customers into the buying process. The keyword used should reflect the tendency of audiences that are almost entirely targeted at the product discovery and preliminary research stage. Next time you do your Keyword Research; keep the following practices in mind:

  • Keywords should suit people seeking new information.
  • Tools, like AdWords Display Planner, should be used so as to plan the keywords that have to be put in the video description.
  • Keywords should be relevant to the product, industry and target audience.
  • At the outset, YouTube advertisement budget should be distributed in small amounts over potential keywords.

  1. Flamboyant Thumbnails:

Flamboyant ThumbnailsThere might be at least a few videos that are similar in content or motive. Hence, Thumbnails can help in ensuring that the audience clicks on your video first. Thumbnail images have high potential to draw attention towards your video so as to create a desire to click on it. Custom thumbnails can be uploaded by selecting the custom thumbnail option while uploading a new video. Given below are some ideas to maneuver you in the right direction:

  • Thumbnails should maintain 1280 x 720 resolution as those with a low-resolution draw in much fewer clicks.
  • Thumbnail images should be uploaded in PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF formats.
  • The size of the Thumbnail images should not exceed 2MB.
  • Aspect ratio, 16:9, should be upheld.
  • The values of the content in the video should be expressed using bold colored texts.

  1. Channel Page Optimization:

Channel Page Optimization

The potential of channel pages to drive the audience to web-links and landing pages should never be ignored. The best tips to optimize the channel page are:

  • A copy explaining the goal, brand and USPs should be jotted down for your channel page.
  • Links to your websites, social media profiles, and product landing pages should be added.
  • Channel banner can be clouted to add links to your websites and social profiles.
  • A relevant avatar image, brand logo being an obvious choice, should be used.

  1. Calls to Action:

Calls to Action“Please like, comment and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed watching this video!” is something you hear just about every time you watch a video online on YouTube. This is an example of “calls to action.” Your Calls to Action should take account of the major goals you want to optimize your channel for, which includes:

  • Increase channel subscription
  • Manipulating viewers to watch more videos on your channel.
  • Getting more comments, likes, and shares.

The top two methods in which the YouTubers typically integrate CTAs into their content are:

Direct Host Mentions: Directly requesting viewers to perform an action as such.

Video End Cards: Placing a large card with a clickable button at the end of the video.

  1. Endorse Across Channels:

Endorse Across ChannelsIt is very worthwhile to team up with other YouTube influencers from related but non-competing markets so as to sway them to promote your YouTube channel. Your existing web chattels should definitely be leveraged to escalate viewership for your YouTube videos. Inserting links to your YouTube channel in email signatures, doing a curated list of your best videos for your next email newsletter, writing a blog post about your most challenging video and the lessons you’ve learnt, etc. are some of the tactics you can adopt in order to promote your YouTube channel across other channels.

  1. Strengthen the Engagement Factor:

Strengthen the Engagement Factor

Engaging with people showing interest in your brand or channel is as important as creating a channel. Reciprocating what people give you makes them feel a connection with you or your brand, hence, below are some simple but effective ways to ensure engagement:

  • Respond to comments more often, covering valid points and details.
  • Subscribe and leave positive feedback on the YouTube Channels of the users.
  • Create videos that your viewers request you to make.
  • Team up with other influencers and brands.
  • Contests and surveys can be conducted to gather feedback.

The steps mentioned above are solid, time-proven strategies that can aid in improving your YouTube marketing strategy. Follow them and pay attention to the results, you will, in due time, concoct the mode and turn out to be a big presence in whatever field you choose. If you are in search of someone to make it all easy for you, we at SuperX Growth Hackers are ever ready to help you out in the battlefield. The superheroes at SuperX Growth Hackers let your YouTube channel triumph through all odds.

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