Lead Generation

The struggle of generating new leads has been increasing rapidly as oodles of companies are vying for the same share of business across the B2B universe. 66% of marketers are benefitted by the lead generation with social media, by spending as little as 6 hours a week on it. 65% of B2B companies could successfully generate lead from LinkedIn while Facebook and Twitter generates leads by 39% and 30% each. As b2b lead generation companies have more expertise, lead generation outsourcing is 43% more efficient when compared to generating leads in-house. Lead generation through mobile marketing is adopted by around 49% of the marketers.

The marketing process of inciting and inducing curiosity in a product aiming at developing sales pipeline is known as lead generation. Lead generation has been coping up with the number of new online and social techniques emerging, in recent years, by undergoing substantial alterations every now and then. The copiousness of information readily on hand online has led to the rise of the “self-directed buyer”, fast-tracking the prominence of lead generation services in the present day digital marketing scenario.

Though lead generation is one of the most fruitful ways and means of promoting products, services or websites, unfortunately, only 5-10% of qualified leads productively switch for marketers. Coming up with extremely creative, astounding lead generation techniques are more than just important for the progression of the business and at SuperX Growth Hackers, we have experts at it, vowing to generate utmost leads, for you. Make no mistake! Choose the best among the lead generation agencies as one step gone wrong could ruin all that have been built so far, and we, the superheroes at SuperX Growth Hackers are the best to trust as we will never let that happen to your business.