PR/Media Campaign

Public Relation Campaigns are powerful gizmos for start-ups and small businesses running the cat race in marketplaces widely dominated by larger companies. The beginning of 93% of the B2B buying process is marked by online searches. Almost 86% of the people skip the TV advertisements, whereas 44% of direct mails are never even opened. These statistics show that consumers hanker after a different approach, further inbound, personalized strategies instead of outbound, appealing to the masses tactics; hence emphasizing on the importance of PR Campaign, which can be flawlessly performed by trustworthy and well-versed PR Companies across.

PR, or Public relations, is nothing but a communication process between companies and the public. PR experts, more often than not, work to set up and uphold relations with the target audience, the media, relevant trade media, as well as other opinion leaders. A public relations campaign is a series of activities intended to achieve a specific goal. The principles and techniques of public relations, when put into operation in a campaign methodology to carry out a certain purpose, are known as Public relation Campaign.

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