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SEO and SEM Agency | SuperX Growth HackersAre you a business owner who is thinking to expand the brand value over digital channels, then you might have heard about SEO and SEM. The reality is both SEO and SEM are the important aspects of digital marketing. A digital marketing is incomplete without any of the component missing. A further closer look says that they both are different traffic generation methods. Let’s study in-depth about SEO and SEM and understand the two. They both are a part of search engine marketing.

Since both the terms are internet-related, most of the people often get confused whether they are the same thing or different. For developing a digital edge over your competitors, you must understand the similarities and differences between the two. SEO and SEM can be a confusing concept to grasp. An entrepreneur might come across questions like ‘What is SEO?’ ‘What is SEM?’ Are the terms even different from each other? So to use both of them in a right manner, we need to get to the basic concept of the two.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are used by a company to make their website rank higher in organic search results and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes all search engine related activities-free or paid. Be it giant companies or startups, SEO and SEM solution is required by everyone to expand their market over digital platforms in the internet space. SEO and SEM have their own strategies, techniques, solutions, skills, hacks and work line. For a newbie it is very important to approach a consultant or an agency that provides right SEM and SEO marketing services.

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SEO marketing companies generally provide you with services that cut short your time and improve the organic search result. Here are some simple and effective SEO solutions which will reduce the time and speed up the process.

  • SEO Growth Hack 1: It’s all in the Keywords: Use your internal keywords data to see what you’re customers are looking for. Look in your website, make a list of keywords that are searched by the customer and then prepare the content which is optimized. This will definitely fetch you positive results in terms of SEO.
  • SEO Growth Hack 2: Google AdWords Keyword Planner: You can look up for keyword suggestions with the help of Google AdWords keyword planner. Create an account then log in, select the option ‘’Search for keyword and ad group ideas” and then enter URL of your website and run it. The keyword ideas tab will give you a series of words related to your website.
  • SEO Growth Hack 3: Google Authorship: Give your website a Google authorship code. There are many ways of doing that one of them is; if you own a WordPress site, and then replace the profile link with your own code into the header.php for your site.
  • SEO Growth Hack 4: Rich Snippets for SERP Listing: You can increase the visibility of your SERP listing with rich snippets. Rich snippets are coupled with great Meta description and title tag. Each of these rich snippet adds to the quality of SERP. Rich snippets won’t increase your rankings but will drive more traffic to the site.

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SEM hacks generally helps a company in appearing at the top in the search results. SEM hacks reduce time and provide effective and quick results to a company. Some of the hacking methods used by SEM agencies to hack the growth are given below.

  • SEM Growth Hack1: Drive Targeted Traffic Using SEM: Planning to launch something new, you can take the help of AdWords to support your new feature. You can use targeted keywords to optimize the search results. The feedback then will give you an idea of the services and you can make the necessary changes.
  • SEM Growth Hack 2: Using SEM for Customer Acquisition Costs: Take a note of how much does it take for your company to acquire one customer. Then you can build up a network around your product using SEM on keywords at an early stage which will further narrow down the CPA.
  • SEM Growth Hack 3: Retargeting Existing Visitors through Search: When compared with traditional Retargeting, search targeting is not that extensively used. Search targeting is an easy and cheap way to target your potential customers. If a customer comes to your website and searches for a keyword and goes back to Google then you can place ads on the resulting search page for your product.

SEO and SEM are the two sides of a coin. Both of them are used together to expand the business over digital platforms. SEO and SEM services are required by companies to optimize the keywords, improve the ranking and increase the traffic. There are many digital marketing agencies that can help you in leveraging your business across the channel, and SuperX Growth Hackers is one of top SEM & SEO Company in India. So, get connected with SuperX Team and enjoy the best SEM and SEO services to increase the ranking of your targeted keywords and generate more traffic from all search engines with ease!