BookMyShow with Agile Marketing for Padmaavat – CaseStudy

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BookMyShow with Agile Marketing for Padmaavat – CaseStudy


March. 14, 18


Case Study: Here’s how BookMyShow sold 5 Million tickets for Padmaavat movie. The agile marketing, strategies, proper execution and very

The Case Study on How BookMyShow Sold 5M Tickets for Padmaavat with Agile Marketing

Brand: BookMyShow

BookMyShow, leading online ticket booking portal in India, has left us impressed by selling 5 million tickets of ‘Padmaavat’, an epic period drama by Sanjay Leela Bhansali with their some out of the box and innovative marketing strategies.


BookMyShow has just made their best move by playing along with the most controversial movie of 2018 and made it big. The objective of the campaign was to emerge as a platform which should be used by every movie lover for booking tickets. They even managed to create a buzz around, since the movie had everyone’s attention due to the ongoing controversies.


BookMyShow strategies for Padmaavat revolved around humour creating a whole line of concepts of their Television and digital media marketing around it.


BookMyShow has created a video in which they’ve asked people to buy the tickets before they’re all sold out and not to miss on any conversation that is regarding the film. The video is titled as “Touchy Topic” by which they managed to gain a certain amount of attention with the movie.

Further their collaboration with HotStar and Flipkart helped them releasing their video across social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and other relevant social media platforms. In accordance to the target audience.

Later to cover up the areas which the TV commercial was unable to reach, they launched an animated movie exclusively for those areas along with associating their brand name.


The commercials filled with humour finally cleared the negative air around the film highlighting the positive about the film. The audience that was pushed back by the criticism and negativity and audience again started to think of watching the film.

Another video which was rolled out by BookMyShow featured a famous film critic Mayank Shekhar ‘5 Reasons to watch Padmaavat’ impelling audience to go to the theatres. The video highlighted 5 reasons why you should be heading to the theatres to watch the film.

In addition to that, they ignited the fire of curiosity among audience by asking like questions regarding the picture. The quiz was around the picture to grab the eyeballs of the audience. Some of their social media posts are given below:

Deepika Padukone's Lahenga in the Song Ghoomar - BookMyShow Agile Marketing Case Study

Contest Alert - BookMyShow Agile Marketing Case Study

Padmavat on BMS Jukebox - BookMyShow Agile Marketing Case Study

More engaging activities were done in order to promote the movie by constantly keeping it in highlights before the release. Activities such as #PadmaavatOnBMSJukebox, were planned which gave audience a chance to win exclusive Padmaavat vouchers.

Jim Sarbh's Performance in Padmaavat - BookMyShow Agile Marketing Case Study

Interview of film cast were shared on the social network pages of BookMyShow where the stars described how it was like working in Padmaavat.


All the campaigns done by BookMyShow were super successful and were highly acknowledged by the viewers as they managed to get a total of 287 Million impressions while delivering 30 Million views.

All these marketing strategies have produced a profitable result as Padmaavat has managed to sell 5 Million tickets since its release.

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BookMyShow with Agile Marketing for Padmaavat – CaseStudy

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