Jabong.com’s Customer Acquisition with Facebook Ads

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Jabong.com’s Customer Acquisition with Facebook Ads


March. 23, 18


Jabong.com: Here’s the complete details about the creative, solutions & goals created by Jabong to acquire more users / new

Case Study – Acquiring New Customers with Personalised Facebook Dynamic Ads – Jabong.com

The E-commerce store, Jabong.com personalized the implementation of Facebook dynamic Ads which led them to acquire new customers.

Jabong.com’s Customer Acquisition with Facebook AdsStory about Jabong.com

Jabong.com is a well-known E-commerce site. It is known for being a fashion destination and it aims at showcasing audience the fashion that’s always in style. Jabong.com brings together stylish clothing, footwear and accessories from around the world for women, men and kids; and their services strikes on getting a quality product(s) to their customers with no stress experience.

The top concern of Jabong.com is its services, this being the key pillar in achieving customer satisfaction at the e-commerce platform. The concern of services was tapped by Jabong.com by focussing on the E-commerce platform, the experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems, and customer care centers to ensure a broad selection of products, on-time delivery and quick resolution to any concerns.

Goal of Jabong.com

The main goal of Jabong.com was to ramp customer acquisition. With India’s already competitive E-commerce space, Jabong.com had a goal to track this space and were looking at more high-quality customers who are likely to convert (make a purchase). They wanted to hold such traffics and drive them to their mobile app, and for this Jabong.com wanted to improve the app activation rates and control user acquisition costs.

Jabong.com Comes Up with a Solution

Jabong.com came up with a solution to customer acquisition by personalizing it. The engagement with customers and potential buyers slid to a deeper and personal level so as to increase traffic to its apps and website.

Jabong.com did a month-long campaign on the Facebook platform, which aimed at incrementing its acquisition of new customers, transactions, and retention. They relied on the campaign to achieve media efficiency by targeting high-quality audience with a product that helps convert purchase intent into sales.

The dynamic Facebook ads were used for retargeting potential customers using customized Ads to reach every individual customer. The ads showed customers every product that they have looked at on both the website and the app, and these ads have helped the company reach across mobile and desktop to not only more shoppers, but also retargeting prospective customers to complete their purchase.

Jabong.com Had Set Up Its E-commerce Site Campaign:

Jabong - E-commerce Site

  • First, they used Facebook dynamic Ads where they simply uploaded their product catalog
  • Then, Jabong.com installed a Facebook pixel for the website and a Facebook SDK for the mobile app, so that they could gather data of the products people would look at
  • Later, they used Custom Audience to reach the right people with the right product information
  • com used core audience targeting so that based on demographics, location, interest and behavior, they could reach people most likely to be interested in their product.
  • Lastly, based on their customers Jabong.com created a Lookalike audience. This audience had them reaching their future customers who are customers of high quality, and a group or groups of people of high purchase-making, who are likely to convert or make a purchase with them.

Creative of Jabong.com

The creative used by Jabong.com is pretty simple with minimum effort and practically zero turnaround time in letting buyers see what they want with the dynamic ads on Facebook. They uploaded a catalog of products on-the-fly simply with the dynamic ads.

With ads this way, each shopper would receive a personalized ad, based on their browsing history on the Jabong.com website or app. The results led to more relevant ads driving higher click-through rates and multiplied transactions.

 Creative of Jabong.com

Products Used – Jabong.com


Jabong - Products

  • Dynamic Adverts:

Jabong.com set up the dynamic ads, and that was all, the dynamic ads did all the working themselves with the promotion. The dynamic ads would appear on the website or somewhere else on the internet to those people who have expressed their interest in the Jabong.com website. With dynamic ads, Jabong.com could:

  • Reach more shoppers with products based on interests tailored to the ad, even those people who have not used their site or app.
  • Complete sales with shoppers who have viewed items on the site or app but didn’t buy them, and had them retargeted with a reminder.
  • Contact people across devices

Jabong.com leverage their business by integrating their e-commerce platform with the dynamic ads. This grew their app business as well.

  • Core Targeting:

Jabong.com targeted the right audience with their ad in just a few clicks. They found people based on these available options:

  • Location:com reached people everywhere, either people next door or across the world in cities, communities, and countries.
  • Demographics:com selected their audience based on the age, gender, education, relationship status, job title, etc.
  • Interests:com choose people’s interest and hobbies and based on this they reached audiences relatedly.
  • Behavior:com keeps a check at prior purchases behavior, device usage and activity of audiences and would target their audience reach based on this.
  • Connections: Jabong.com would reach people who are connected to their Facebook page, app or events. Jabong.com would however also exclude their existing audiences to obtain new audiences. Say when they wanted new likes on their Facebook page, they would exclude the ones who have already liked their page.

Additionally, Jabong.com used the Facebook blueprint to create Core Audiences.

  • Custom Audiences:

Jabong.com build their Custom Audiences using three-powerful sources to reach their customers and contact on Facebook.

  • Contact lists:

Jabong.com got their leads and customers on by connecting with their customers and contact on Facebook via data from user’s CRM system or consumer contact lists (phone numbers or e-mail addresses).

  • Website visitors:

Facebook pixel was installed on the Jabong.com website to connect with website visitors. The Facebook pixel is a snippet of code used to create Custom Audience of people who have shown interest in the Jabong.com site by visiting it and based on this website traffic data of people showing interest, Jabong.com would show ads to such people.

  • App users:

Jabong.com went for a run to reach people who use their app. They installed the snippet Facebook SDK 0 in their app to create Custom Audience of people who use the Jabong.com app. Using this audience, Jabong.com inspired the app users to get to their other products.

  • Facebook Pixel:

Jabong.com used Facebook pixel as a piece of code to measure the activity and conversions for their adverts. Jabong.com installed Facebook pixel to their website so that whenever someone via their website and takes an action, an action will be triggered and reported by this snippet code. Jabong.com could reach their customers and from this, they also created a Custom Audience to again reach these customers.

Jabong.com got more and more conversions on their website, they optimized their conversion and got better at delivering their ads to people who are likely to make a purchase with them.

The snippet code Facebook pixel that came along with the installation helped Jabong.com very much in their Facebook campaign in these ways:

  • Measuring audience: com measured the cross-device conversions from what they get to see, like on how the customers are moving between devices before they convert.
  • Optimizing audience:com had their delivery optimized to ensure that the ads are shown to people who are most likely to take the action they want them to take.
  • Building audiences: Jabong.com used dynamic ads to create Custom Audiences from website visitor and automatically show such audiences’ products or related products they’ve viewed on the Jabong.com website.
  • Tracking the website traffic: Jabong.com obtained rich insights of traffic to their website from the Facebook pixel dashboard where they got to see how people use their website.
  • Measurement:

Jabong.com measured Facebook campaign to make better marketing decision based on insights. By going through a Facebook measurement work insights of measuring and optimizing the Ad campaigns, Jabong.com arrived at:

  • Quality data:com gathered people-based data rooted in accuracy, depth, and scale of their platforms, and got to a way of quality data.
  • Valuable insights:com tested the ads and got the idea of tactics which deserved performance credit, and the ones that don’t as well.
  • Business impacts: Jabong.com delivered the bottom line impacts against their goals and this way they had their campaign optimized.

With campaign data insights measurement, i.e., people-based measurement, Jabong.com faced the new marketing reality, wherein it connected the dots across all marketing touch points, understood people’s paths to conversion, improved  targeting, grew  ROI, optimized  campaigns and tested  ads in real time. All this led a way to more marketing channels and more ways to measure performance than ever before for Jabong.com.

Results Experienced by Jabong.com

Jabong.com ran the Facebook dynamic ad campaign through April 2017 and could deliver style to more shoppers. This ad campaign had Jabong.com boost their efforts and bottom line, they were reaching the right people with the right products. The highlight of results out of this campaign are:

  • 2X increase in customer acquisition
  • 5X increase in app activation rates
  • 40% lower user acquisition cost on mobile app
  • 30% lower cost per order

Jabong.com nailed the Facebook campaign, and on this account Noorpreet Lehl, the DGM of Marketing at Jabong.com had this to say:

  • She says that having Facebook as their platform have let them to consistently scale high-quality customer acquisition and orders.
  • She further says that the overall contribution of dynamic ads has significantly doubled their customer acquisition while having their best-in-class efficiency maintained.
  • She mentions seeing a spike in the app activation rates, which toured the app to better unit economics.

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